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A foggy autumn scene in the pacific northwest with trees, mountains and the ocean.

Tree Removal

When necessary, we can safely & efficiently remove any unwanted trees from your property. If the tree is near your house, outdoor structures or landscaping we will use roping techniques or equipment to lower the tree making sure to protect your assets.

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A person cutting the base of a tree with a chainsaw

Tree Trimming

We handle all aspects of tree trimming, including limbing from the bottom up to improve your view or removing dead, dying and dangerous limbs and tops from the upper canopy of your trees. We follow strict ISA tree trimming guidelines to improve the tree’s health and enhance its structure.

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A man in a tree trimming a branch with a chainsaw

Stump Grinding

If you have a stump that is causing a problem, we can grind it down so that it is no longer in your way. Stump grinding is a process in which a machine with a large cutting wheel grinds the stump to approximately 6”-10” inches below grade. In some circumstances we can go deeper.

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A machine grinding a stump

View Clearing

We live in an area with great natural beauty, but tree growth can obstruct desired views of the sound and mountains. View clearing removes unwanted trees and shrubs from your bluff or inland property that obstruct your view. Our crews use selective trimming or removal methods that still maintain the integrity of the trees and property.

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A man up in a tree trimming branches with a chainsaw

Danger & Emergency

If you’re worried one or more of your trees may be a risk to your family, property, or community then give us a call. Puget Sound Tree Care is available to respond should a tree or large limbs fall on your home or property.  For emergency services call: 360-387-0243

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A fallen tree with the trunk snapped in half

Risk Assessment

We have an ISA-Certified Master Arborist on staff who can provide you with an accurate assessment of the overall health and stability of your trees. We offer homeowners, developers, and public entities professional tree evaluations and certified tree risk assessments. These are accepted by Insurance companies, and all city and county planning departments.

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A hand holding a piece of split wood

Arborist Chips

We are happy to offer FREE woodchips for those who request them. Woodchips can be used for many different purposes including flower beds and areas where you would like to keep weeds at a minimum. The woodchips come from our daily tree trimming and removals and can contain several different tree species. Give us a call at (360)387-0243 or send us an email to ask!

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A pile of wood chips

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Puget Sound Tree Care is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
License #PUGETST892BU
Sal Noeldner ISA Certified Master Arborist #PN-8108A (TRAQ)

Arborist chips: Puget Sound Tree Care offers free wood chips.  Give us a call (360) 387-0243 or send us an email to be added to our chips list.

We service the North Puget Sound region, including parts of Snohomish County, Skagit County, and Camano Island.  

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